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Anniversary of Davis Plaza Namesake's Passing

APD Officer Gregory L Davis, Little 5 Points, Davis Plaza
APD Officer Gregory L Davis

Honoring Officer Gregory L. Davis

This August marks the 35th year since APD Police Officer Gregory L. Davis was shot and killed in the line of duty while protecting Little 5 Points. His memory is honored by the renaming of Seminole Plaza to Davis Plaza. It is the only public space named in honor of a fallen police officer in the City of Atlanta.

On August 26, 1988, Officer Davis stopped a man on a bicycle to question him about a series of nighttime burglaries in the Little 5 Points area. At the time Officer Davis did not realize this suspect was also wanted in the murder of a college student that happened three nights earlier in the plaza which now bears his name. The suspect pulled out a gun. Officer Davis was shot in the chest and fatally wounded but also managed to shoot and kill the suspect.

In 1988 police officers were not issued bullet proof vests, but the shooting of Officer Davis brought the need for vests to the public’s eye. It also highlighted the need for the State to provide educational funding for fallen officers’ children. Following the tragedy, the Little 5 Points Business Association, together with the surrounding communities, raised money to purchase bulletproof vests for all police officers. By naming a plaza after Greg, Little 5 Points will always remember and honor our lost friend and protector.


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