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Jane's Walk Tour With Don & Judy Bender, Kelly Jordan

Jane's Walk
Don, Judy, and Kelly talk about the history of the 7Stages building.

A Stroll Through History and Community Spirit

On May 5th, Don and Judy Bender and Kelly Jordan led the annual Little Five Points Jane's Walk tour. They recounted L5P's history and its communities' formidable efforts to preserve its unique character.

The tour was a collaborative effort between the Little 5 Points Business Association and MODA.

Founded in Toronto in 2006 and first conducted in 2007, Jane's Walk honors the legacy of Jane Jacobs by encouraging community-led walking tours that explore neighborhood histories, urban planning, and civic engagement​​​​​​. This global movement has seen rapid uptake, connecting people through shared stories and insights into their local communities​​​​.

Bender and Jordan captivated participants with stories of Little Five Points' spirited resistance to the proposed Stone Mountain Tollway, reminiscent of Jane Jacobs' iconic battle against urban expressways in Greenwich Village. These efforts, dating back to the 1970s, echo a time when social change filled the air, and visionaries, supported by leaders like Mayor Maynard Jackson, fought to protect the soul of their neighborhoods​​.

The tour also shed light on a fascinating architectural feat: the relocation of homes from Colquitt and neighboring streets. Originally facing Euclid Avenue in the 19th century, these buildings were meticulously moved, brick by brick, to accommodate the burgeoning business district.

Download the L5P Jane's Walk Brochure Below!

2023 Jane's Walk both
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