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Jazz Jam in the Plaza

little five jazz patio parties

On May 7, Little Five Points buzzed with the rhythms of jazz as Kenito Murray & Friends, who captivated audiences in a special Jazz Jam. The event, part of the Little 5 Points Business Association's creative placemaking initiative, funded by a grant from General Motors, brought an evening of musical delight to Findley Plaza.

Kenito Murray, known for his adventurous approach to jazz standards, previously showcased his talents at Elliott Street Deli & Pub with the group Standard Practice, blending traditional jazz with innovative interpretations​​. The May 7 event, echoing this style, offered attendees an immersive experience in the vibrant culture of Little Five Points.

The Jazz Jam provided entertainment and highlighted the ongoing efforts to enhance community engagement and cultural vibrancy in Little Five Points. Events like this reinforce the historic district's status as a hub of artistic and community-oriented activities.


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