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Little 5 Points Business Association Installs New Tables in Findley Plaza

Through a generous grant from General Motors and Main Street America, the Little Five Points Business Association has installed new patio tables in Findley Plaza.

The tables are the first step of a placemaking program which aims to revitalize the plaza, and recenter it as a focal point for the community.

The initiative, aimed at enhancing the vibrant atmosphere and strengthening community ties, began with a shared vision among the Little 5 Points Business Association, General Motors, and Main Street America. Recognizing the untapped potential of Findley Plaza, the partners joined forces to create an inviting space that would serve as a hub for social interactions and community gatherings.

Since the completion of the project, the positive impact on the community has been evident. Locals are embracing the improved space, which has quickly become a popular destination for socializing, impromptu performances, and community events. The Business Association will also program entertainment and festivities in the plaza throughout the summer.

The placemaking project in Findley Plaza not only enhances the cultural district's appeal but also promotes economic growth. As the vibrant energy radiates from the plaza, it draws in more foot traffic, supporting local businesses and fostering economic activity in the area.

New Tables in L5P Findley Plaza


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