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Little 5 Points Ghost Tours start May Friday 13

Restless spirits haunt these streets!

Hear tales from the spooky side of Atlanta on the Little 5 Points Ghost Tour. Join our clairvoyant tour guides on a mile long, 1.5 hour trek through the neighborhood's most historic and eerie landmarks, in search of long ago lost souls and their apparitions. You may encounter phantasms such as Lady Sintana from House of Ravenwood, the resident ghosts of 7Stages, Deacon Lunchbox, Gregory Davis, and more. Don't be afraid to bring a camera... Little 5 Points’ most spooky residents are not known for resting quietly.

Tours meet at L5P Community Center parking lot at least once a weekend, and last from 7pm - 8:30pm. It will be a scary good time! Visit for booking and more information.

Money raised from the L5P Ghost Tours benefits The Little 5 Points Business Association, a non-profit organization committed to supporting L5P small businesses and making improvements in the Little 5 Points Business District.

Tickets and more info at


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