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Market Hugs Market Invades L5P

YALL 😎😎😎

Market Hugs is taking a lil TRIP to LITTLE 5 POINTS! We are so excited to make a little spot in Findley Plaza for Saturday the 8th! WE GOT music. WE GOT vendors. WE GOT community! COME HANG(or else). 🪩✨🥵💕

Everything kicks off at 4pm! It runs until 9pm or thereabouts.

Featuring Art!

Katrina Santiago, Ghost Costco, Pig Flou, Gums, Rian Archer, takemypictureho, Reagan Floyd, Valerie Laplaca, Yeni, Hunter Peatman, Prettiest Lobster, Kalven, Sophia, K2GotBeads, and Igg.2.02.

And Music!

Apo11o, Escuincle, Josey, and Team Deathmatch.

Market Hugs will return to L5P before Summer's end—so watch out!

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