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Teddy Swims Rocks Little 5 Points’ Junkman’s Daughter on American Idol!

Teddy Swims, l5p, atlanta, little 5 points
Creator: Michael Tullberg | Credit: FilmMagic

Junkman's Daughter Get Shoutout on American Idol

It's not every day that a rising music star gives a shout-out to a local business on national TV, but that's exactly what happened on April 15 on American Idol.

Teddy Swims, known for his soulful voice and eclectic style, caught everyone's attention—not just with his performance, but also with his eye-catching, giant strawberry earring. When Ryan Seacrest inquired about the unique accessory, Teddy proudly mentioned he snagged it from Little 5 Points’ very own novelty shop, Junkman's Daughter. Even Katy Perry was intrigued, mistaking it for a fishing hook, to which Teddy described it as "a little pop of color."

This isn't Teddy's first brush with local fame. Before his rise on the national stage, Teddy was part of the vibrant local music scene, performing in metalcore bands around Atlanta. According to @con_is_rad on instagram, Swims "was actually in local metalcore bands back in the day."

Who is Teddy Swims?

Teddy Swims, whose real name is Jaten Dimsdale, hails from Conyers, Georgia. He captivated audiences with his unique blend of soul, country, R&B, and pop into a sound that's all his own. Teddy initially gained fame through his YouTube channel, where his cover songs garnered millions of views, showcasing his ability to transform any track into a Teddy Swims masterpiece. With a voice as warm as the Georgia summer and charisma to match, Teddy continues to rise as one of the music industry’s most promising talents.


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