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“I'm walking around trying to get to know the neighborhood so I can know the best way to help.” - Sgt. Stenson

Through the support of generous donors, the Little 5 Points Business Association has been able to hire an Atlanta Police Department officer, Officer Stenson, to patrol our community and work closely with businesses to address their unique security needs.


With your donation, we can keep Little 5 Points safe, secure, and an enjoyable place to visit, explore, socialize, work, and play.

Thank you for your support in keeping Little 5 Points a awesome place to visit, explore, socialize, work, play in, and enjoy. 

Little 5
Public Safety

The Little 5 Points Business Association is dedicated to ensuring that the Little 5 Points community remains safe, secure, and free from drugs. Our security efforts aim to create a welcoming and vibrant commercial district for entrepreneurs, employees, customers, and visitors alike. Little 5 Points is not a lawless zone, and we do not tolerate smash 'n grabs, arson, violence, pickpocketing, illegal vending, bad graffiti, or unlicensed alcohol sales!

Interested in joining our public safety committee?

Email with your info!

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