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L5P Pollinator Parade With Atlanta Science Festival

Join the L5P Business Association’s Pollinator Parade! Dress up as pollinators and meet at Liminal Space Collective at Pollin8 (next to Sevananda, our local health food store). First, you'll learn about the vital role of pollinators from guests speakers Amy Potter, of the Environmental Protection Division, and Dr. Jennifer Leavey from Georgia Tech. While there, you'll discover how pollinators impact plants. Then, we'll parade thru L5P, visiting stores adorned with flowers & plants (supplied by Bonnie and Home Depot), on our way to the Little 5 Points Community Center Pollinator Garden!

This event is FREE. All ages are welcomed. No Registration needed.

@atlscifest @homedepot @bonnieplants @maryabrown68 @jenncatfight


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