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Free Art L5P on July 15: Now Accepting Artist Grant Applications

Little Five Points, Artist Market, Atlanta
Vendors at the April Fool's Fest earlier this year

Little Five Points Business Association announces new grant for artists to display work in Findley Plaza.

The historic Little 5 Points cultural district is set to come alive on July 15, 2023 for #FreeArtL5P.

The Little 5 Points Business Association has announced that it will be offering grants—ranging from $100 to $300—to 5-6 artists to create 100 handmade items to give away throughout the day. The artists will also have the opportunity to vend additional art in Findley Plaza. This initiative not only supports the artists financially but also allows them to engage with the community and share their artistic vision.

To be considered for the grants, interested artists must submit a proposal and budget by June 15. (Click here for the application!) The organizers encourage artists of all mediums and styles to apply, and invite individuals to share this opportunity with anyone they believe would be a good fit for the project.

The event promises to be an exciting evening of art and entertainment. Attendees can expect live music performances and other engaging forms of entertainment throughout the duration of the event. The combination of art, music, and the energetic atmosphere of Little 5 Points is sure to create a memorable experience for all those in attendance.

The L5P Business Association, a non-profit organization that has been serving the Little 5 Points community since 1972, is responsible for bringing this event to life. Their commitment to supporting local artists and promoting the vibrant spirit of the district has made events like these possible year after year. #FreeArtL5P is made possible thanks to a grant awarded to the Business Association by Main Street America and General Motors to activate Findley Plaza.

Mark your calendars for July 15, 2023, from 4 to 7pm and join the Little 5 Points community in celebrating the beauty of art, the talent of local artists, and the power of creative expression. Visit for more information, or email with any questions.


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