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Little 5 Points Business Association Wins Grant from NPU to Beautify Findley Plaza Tree Wells

Little 5 Points Business Association (L5PBiz) has secured a grant from the Atlanta NPU (Neighborhood Planning Unit) system to decorate the Findley Plaza tree wells. The Business Association will also coordinate with the L5P Alliance and the L5P Community Center on implementing their sister projects.

The aim is to create community-made sculptures using recycled materials and showcase them in Findley Plaza and other locations within the L5P Business District. L5PBiz plans to host monthly "sip 'n scraps" at local bars and restaurants, where community members can work with local artists to craft unique decorations for communal areas while supporting local businesses.

During these events, professional artists will guide participants in creating artwork using recycled materials. At the end of each gathering, the decorations will be displayed in the tree wells, trees, lamp posts, and other selected communal areas in Findley Plaza. The artwork will revolve around themes that align with upcoming events in Little 5 Points, such as the Halloween Festival and Parade, Pride, Record Store Day, April Fool's Festival, First Voices Festival, and more.

L5PBiz has already spearheaded a successful initiative where member businesses decorated holiday wreaths for the Last Minute Holiday Shopping Market. With the NPU grant, L5PBiz can expand this program by providing materials, instructors, and involving a larger creative community. By fostering collaboration between artists and community members, L5PBiz aims to cultivate an artistic sense of community engagement while promoting environmentally conscious behavior.

The grant funds will also support the creation of larger-scale sculptures by artists using recycled materials. These sculptures will temporarily adorn the tree wells and other communal areas, with each artist assigned a designated space for one month. This ever-evolving display will contribute to the cultural richness of the L5P area, becoming a captivating focal point for residents and visitors alike. Moreover, the artwork will not only draw attention to environmentally conscious practices but also increase foot traffic, benefiting nearby businesses.

Overall, L5PBiz's scrapped materials art project is set to have a positive impact on the community by enhancing the aesthetic appeal of L5P's communal spaces and bolstering the reputation of the business district as a vibrant and culturally rich destination.


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