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Pride Themed Sip 'n Scrap Crafts Decorations For Findley Plaza

On May 21, the Little 5 Points Business Association (L5PBA) hosted a unique and colorful event in collaboration with Scraplanta: a Pride-themed Sip n' Scrap at the L5 Corner Tavern. This creative gathering was part of the L5PBA's ongoing efforts to enliven and decorate Findley Plaza, funded by a grant from City of Atlanta NPU-N.

Scraplanta, a non-profit known for its commitment to sustainability and art, played a vital role in this event. Known for saving thousands of pounds of art supplies from landfills, Scraplanta has become a cornerstone for Atlanta's art community​​. The organization, operating as both a thrift and art supply store, promotes sustainable art practices and community engagement through events like this​​​​.

The Sip n' Scrap event, aligning with Scraplanta's mission to make art more accessible, provided a platform for local artists and community members to come together, create, and celebrate diversity. This event not only fostered creativity but also contributed to the ongoing revitalization of Little Five Points, demonstrating the power of community-driven initiatives in urban spaces​​.


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