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Punk & Metal Market on Aug. 12 in Little Five

Terminus Hate City and 40oz Booking are excited to host Atlanta's own punk and metal flea market.

Presented by Terminus Hate City and 40oz Booking, the market on August 12th will showcase a vibrant array of local Atlanta DIY artists, craft makers, and small businesses. This event is designed to foster the growth and promotion of independent artists' work, all the while extending its support to the wider Atlanta community.

Over the years, communities like Little Five have been steadfast supporters of rock, punk, and metal music scenes. The upcoming festival aims to reciprocate this support by giving back to the businesses and individuals who have played a crucial role in nurturing these alternative and subculture lifestyles. It's a celebration of individuality, and the organizers believe that places like Little Five play an integral part in encouraging and embracing the uniqueness that society at large greatly values.

Punk rock show at Star Community Bar later that evening, with music starting at 8pm!


  • The Tomb Tones

  • The Handicapitalists

  • The Chodes

  • Eliminate Earth

  • Buried Within

$15 ADV/ $18 DOS

Doors at 7pm

Music at 8pm


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