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2023 Halloween Parade Application is ALIVE!

Little Five Points Halloween Parade 2022
Photo: Kate Durden

Beware, brave souls! The application for the Little Five Points Halloween Parade is ALIVE! and beckons all those who dare to venture forth. On October 21 and 22, darkness will descend upon Moreland Ave in Atlanta, Georgia, as this world-renowned festival rises from its slumber. Brace yourself for a diabolical display of terror, as the unholy procession crawls down Moreland Avenue, from the bridge to Freedom Park, on Sunday the 22nd at 2 pm.

Fill out the application form at

The Little Five Points Halloween Parade is no mere mortal procession. It is a grotesque masquerade where twisted imaginations roam free: a dance of nightmarish delights. This is not your average parade. Here, artists, performers, and Halloween enthusiasts join forces to create a visually stunning tapestry of the macabre. From elaborately crafted costumes to jaw-dropping floats, every element of the parade is a testament to the ingenuity and passion of its participants. The air crackles with eerie anticipation as ghastly floats glide through the street, each one a testament to the wicked creativity that thrives in this haunted domain.

Little Five Points Halloween Parade 2022
Photo: Kate Durden

What sets the Little Five Points Halloween Parade apart from other Halloween celebrations is its commitment to creativity, self-expression, and community involvement. If you yearn to be a part of this diabolical affair, heed the call before it's too late. The application to enter the parade now lies before you, awaiting your darkest desires. Individuals, groups, and organizations that revel in the shadowy arts are invited to submit their souls for consideration. Dare you seize this opportunity to weave your web of horror upon the mortal realm?

So, delay not, for the clock is ticking. No applications will be accepted after September 1st. Submit your application and unleash your most haunting fantasies upon the world.

Beware, for once you enter, there is no turning back.

Check out photos from last year's festival at


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